a little about me 




Guess you could say I’m a curious soul and I like to explore new places more than anything! I got interested in photography around the age of 15 while visiting San Francisco. My Mom had a pentax se super that I started using while on the trip and that was that!

I am a mommy to a beautiful boy and a wife to my soul matey! I’m a lucky girl!  One might say I am a late bloomer.  My husband and I met later in life and were lucky enough to have our son at the tender ages of 42 and 48.  If you frequent my blog, you will most likely catch a glimpse of them both quite often, as well as hear about some of the adventures of being a first time mommy over 40!  

I am a believer in something bigger than us and that we are all connected.  My faith has seen me through many a storm and I”m not sure I believe in coinkydinks! It’s all much more cosmic and serendipitous, if you ask me!

 I love to learn, which is probably one of the reasons that I love photography so much.  There is always something new to learn!  Life always seems a little bittersweet to me.  Beautiful, comical, and sometimes sorrowful.  I’m a real sapsucker, especially at movies with emotional imagery and an incredible music score. When I”m not playing choo choos with my son or cooking green curry with my hubby, or hanging with the boys and our two furry hounds, you can find me walking about in a field or exploring country roads with my camera.

My images have been described as “real”, “natural”, “organic”, “emotional”, and sometimes a bit “moody”.  At heart, I’m more of a documentary photographer.  I love lifestyle images that feel fun, natural, and real.  I also love nature and landscapes.  You will see several of these images mixed in here, as well.

Photographing families and children give me the most joy. I always hope I can give you an image that will evoke emotion and meaning for you. An image that captures a precious, fleeting moment and makes you smile for years to come!