Day in the Life sessions

 Day in the Life sessions


I like messy.  Imperfect IS perfect.  Capturing real life moments is my passion.  When I look to have my own family photographed, yes, I love a nice formal portrait, but ultimately, I want photos of those everyday moments that are unique to us, our home, our things, our craziness!;)  Day in the Life sessions are just that….small bits and pieces of your daily moments.  The great thing about these sessions is you don’t need to clean your house, you don’t need to “get ready” or dressed up.  Just be you, and I will be like a little tiny fly on the wall with a little tiny camera!:)

Day in the life sessions are about 3-4 hours, usually on the longer end, and generally take place in your home.  Other locations may be added if you’d like, but the idea here is to work with you in your most comfortable environment.

Check out the gallery below for some previous Day in the Life session examples!

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